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All Fees at the Clinic are charged according to UK health insurers rates for insured patients. This applies both to outpatient and surgical services.

For self funding UK patients the outpatient fees are £250 for Birmingham and £300.00 for London for a new patient consultation and £200 Birmingham and £250.00 London for a follow up.

For self funding patients requiring surgical treatment all fees are quoted in writing in advance of surgery. The fees are based upon the complexity procedure and length of operation. Hospital fees are quoted separately by the various hospitals (also in advance) and vary between institutions. These are always higher than the clinicians fees.

Following your consultation you may need certain tests (such as blood tests or imaging, for example an X-ray, MRI or CT) to help us diagnose your condition. If the test is undertaken by the hospital and not by us, the fees for those tests will be determined by the hospital and charged to you or your private medical insurer separately. If there are any fees which we will charge in relation to any of the tests  that you have, we will let you know what those will be.

Prior to your consultation a patient will need to provide us with their insurance details and also a pre-authorisation /claim number. The pre-authorisation/claim number will be generated by your insurance company once you have called and authorised the outpatient or inpatient treatment with them. Every insurer has different processes therefore it is up to the patient to adhere to their health insurers T&Cs.

We also require a current mobile phone number and email contact. This information is for the purposes of communicating with the patient; supplying clinical notes (with password) and for billing. We do not share this information with third parties.

Self funding patients are expected to settle their account with Bill Medical as soon as their invoice is received.

For insured patients all fees are due within two to four weeks of consultation / treatment date. In the eventuality of a policy excess/shortfall, any outstanding amounts will be collected by Bill Medical and should be settled without the need for a reminder.