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Achilles Testimonials

Late presenting Achilles rupture

Mr Herron was recommended by a physiotherapist I visited post an injury which I believed to be a torn muscle. I had unknowingly walked around on a ruptured Achilles for 2 months with swelling and a limp. During my first consultation Mr Herron informed me I required an operation. I was shocked, upset and fearful at the prospect of undergoing surgery as my father passed away under general anaesthetic. In the space of 40 minutes Mr Herron elevated any concerns, made me feel confident my injury was recoverable and enabled me to visualise the benefits of undergoing surgery. 9 months after an excellent procedure and a level of post op support which cannot be measured I am fully recovered and enjoying progressing with exercise and normal life.  Mr Herron's knowledge, professionalism, interpersonal skills, intuitive support and assured approach was simply outstanding. 

S Law - Birmingham 2016-2017