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The Late Presenting Achilles Tendon Rupture: What every clinician should know

How to spot a late presenting Achilles tendon and the treatment that follows ...

Dad warms up for back garden kick-about

Proud dad Darrell Walker can’t wait until his nine-month-old son Jack is old enough for a football kick-about, something he feared he might never manage due to a long-term ankle injury.

Putty implant makes sore feet flexible again

Around half a million Britons have arthritis of the big toe. Now, a new implant can end the pain and stiffness this causes. Val Cornwall, 67, a retired carer from Hillingdon, Middlesex, had the operation in February 2011.

A Different Kind of Bunion

One of the Clinic surgeons talks about the symptoms of arthritis in the big toe and how best to manage the condition.

Imogen Cairns

Olympic gymnast Imogen Cairns talks to the Daily Mail about her referral for ankle surgery, and the surgeon discusses ankle sprains.

Game Ready - Help for cricketer Chris Woakes

'Chris's injury was definitely at the severe end of the spectrum with two of the three major ankle ligaments disrupted and a lot of swelling and pain', comments the surgeon. 'When I first saw him I felt there was a high chance that he was going to need surgery to get him back with the team.'

Anna-Marie back on the courts after ankle arthroscopy

Squash star Anna-Marie Brentall is free of pain after nearly 30 years.

Full story on the Private Healthcare UK website.


The Foot Surgery Atlas - Orthoracle 2017

If you are a healthcare professional involved in the field of foot and ankle surgery, we have upgraded the original Foot Surgery Atlas website and launched a new updated Orthoracle version in March 2017.  There is free access to 3 operations and CPD and a small subscription to access over 40 more foot and ankle procedures with more coming online all the time. Whether you require high resolution images and detailed text to learn the procedures yourself, or are just interested in the specifics of the operations you will find the new Orthoracle - Foot Surgery Atlas very useful in your day to day practice.  Take a look at the free Tour by selecting the link above.

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