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Tendon Surgery Testimonials

FHL Transfer for Chronic Achilles Rupture

I made an outpatient appointment at the Foot and Ankle Clinic in September 2008. I had suffered an injury from a freak accident a year earlier, where my Achilles tendon had been partially torn. There was a lot of damaged tissue, I was in constant pain and had limited functionality in my foot and ankle.

I had been told that there was nothing that could be done and I would simply have to live with it. I visited the Clinic and after recommending an aggressive course in physiotherapy I then had a tendon debridement & FHL tendon transfer.

I was warned that there maybe a chance that it may not work, however after 4 months of physio I noticed a real big difference. I'm not in constant pain anymore and my functionality has really improved.

I have noticed an improvement in my ankle of about 80%, and as you can imagine my quality of life has improved immensely.

I would certainly recommend The Foot and Ankle Clinic to anyone else who is suffering any lower limb problems - especially if they have been told that there is nothing that can be done.

S Hatfield

Tendon Reconstruction and Repair
The problem with my right foot started in February 2008, after I had been a little too excited trying on some new boots. It was painful down the full length of the side, though not very swollen. I found I could only wear very soft shoes and walk for only a few minutes without stopping, which prevented me exercising on my treadmill. Various diagnoses were offered at my G.P. surgery, ranging from a sprain to vascular inflammation but neither strapping nor anti-inflammatory gels helped at all.

Following the discovery of heart disease and major surgery on my pelvis and right hip, I had lost 51/2 stone and kept it off for three years. This problem with my foot suddenly became a big worry as I was prevented from exercising and could imagine putting all the weight back on. I was feeling a bit down, but the Priory Hospital Edgbaston had looked after me well previously during a couple of very successful operations and I checked their website and found they had a Foot and Ankle Clinic. I asked my G.P. to refer me without delay and had my first consultation within weeks.

The surgeon was very patient with me whilst I described my symptoms. He initially referred me for physiotherapy but this proved quite painful and decided to immobilise my foot for six weeks in a ‘Beckham Boot’ hoping this would alleviate the problem. My foot was still the same afterwards so I then had an ultrasound. This showed degenerative change in the tendons so the surgeon explained how he could perform an operation called a debridement to give the tendons chance to repair themselves. I asked what the percentages of success were and as these were reckoned to be 85%, that was good enough for me! It is so important to be confident of the outcome and also of the care you will receive in hospital and The Priory has always shown me very high standards and made me comfortable. After the operation, the surgeon came to tell me that he had found and removed a cyst and some unhealthy tissue as well as the debridement and was very pleased at the outcome. I only had a little discomfort, I was in for two nights and the physiotherapists got me onto crutches and sent me home together with pain relief if it was needed (not very often) and anti coagulant injection I had to administer into my tummy for a week (piece of cake!)

It was tiring not putting my foot to the floor and I was a bit wobbly at first but I was impatient to see my foot at my next appointment two weeks later. At each meeting the surgeon afforded me the time I needed to ask (hundreds of!) questions explaining in detail what post-op would be like. This included plaster cast changes, which he did himself and being concerned when I said I had got cramp and ordering a scan in case it was a D.V.T. After six weeks when the cast came off for the last time, he referred me to another marvellous professional, Andrew Holbrook, Chartered Physiotherapist at the Stratford Private Clinic, to start the really hard work.

I had to wear walking boots for six weeks after the cast was removed and at twelve weeks I could wander round the shops for two hours or so. I tentatively tried the treadmill at low speed. Although the original pain had gone, an area around the scar was quite sensitive so it was suggested that some desensitising exercises would be appropriate.  I had to use the walking boots for another six weeks whilst outside the home and was a little disheartened but it was explained this last bit of treatment would settle things for me. I was also given a steroid injection to help things along.

Twelve months later I find I am very careful on uneven ground and mindful not to wear high heels or uncomfortable shoes, but I am back to my previous level of fitness and have lost the few pounds I had gained during my recovery.

This is how the Foot And Ankle Clinic have had an impact on my life and family and enabled me to continue with the lifestyle so important to me.

Thank you.

F Phillpotts

Chronic Achilles Tendon Reconstruction
After 3 years of debilitating knee surgery it was with some trepidation that I entered the Foot and Ankle Clinic with a very painful Achilles tendon. By the time of my consultation I was unable to fulfil my daily business. From the first the experience was reassuring, comfortable and confidence building. The operation was performed to my convenience and the aftercare from the 'Clinic' team was second to none. Within 9 months the scarring is almost unnoticeable and the function is 100% - and no pain!

My thanks to all!

S Fernyhough
West Midlands

Plantar Fascia Release
I had a plantar fascia release to my left foot in August 2006. I had been suffering constant pain for 2 years prior to my surgery. I would like to let all at the Clinic know I no longer experience any pain from my left heel, despite being on my feet all day.

Many thanks go to him and his team.

S Charlton

Correction of Equinus Ankle Contracture
I received first class treatment from start to finish at The Foot and Ankle Clinic. I could not find any faults with the service I received and the surgery has transformed my life. Prior to the surgery I thought I would never get back to walking with normality. The surgeon at The Foot and Ankle Clinic at the Priory changed that.

I am pleased to say that now six months down the line, I am back to work full time and leading a full and active life again.

R Kennedy

FHL Transfer for old Achilles Rupture
I am writing to thank you for the excellent care and attention you showed me, and the confidence you gave me in the procedure to re-construct my Achilles tendon. The operation has been an outstanding success. You will recall that before I consulted the Clinic I had had a negative prognosis but now I am back to a normal and active life thanks to the care from the team at the Priory.

I would unhesitatingly commend anyone with a similar problem.

E Llewellyn
Isle of Man