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Pain relief

Pain relief   |   Post operative splintage


Foot and ankle surgery is traditionally regarded/has a reputation for being painful and the aftermath and rehabilitation period as being significantly restricted by pain.
At the Foot and Ankle Clinic we use the most effective techniques and medications available in managing/limiting post-operative pain.
Most patients usually receive a regional nerve block (administered whilst under anaesthetic) with triple therapy tablets (a complimentary mixture of Paracetamol, Tramadol and an anti-inflammatory medication).

These are targeted injections of local anaesthetic around the nerves which supply an area. For forefoot surgery an intermetatarsal block (Diagram1), for daycase ankle surgery an ankle block (Diagram 2) and intra-articular injection (Diagram 3) and for major reconstructive ankle/hindfoot surgery (eg ankle replacement, ankle fusion, flat foot correction) a combined femoral and sciatic blockade (Diagrams 5 and 6).

diagram 1:the intermetatarsal blockdiagram 1:the intermetatarsal blockdiagram 2:ankle block
Diagram 1:The intermetatarsal blockDiagram 1:The intermetatarsal blockDiagram 2:Ankle block
diagram 2:ankle blockdiagram 3: intra-articular ankle blockdiagram 5: sciatic nerve block.
Diagram 2:Ankle blockDiagram 3: Intra-articular ankle blockDiagram 5: Sciatic nerve block.

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