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Mortons Neuroma - What is a Neuroma?

Mortons Neuroma - What is a Neuroma?

What is a Mortons neuroma? | Why does a Mortons neuroma occur? | What symptoms might I have? | What treatments are available? | How likely is surgery to be curative? | Surgical excision of a Mortons neuroma (operative stills) | Revision case (operative stills) | After the operation


The digital nerve(1) running in the narrow space between the metatarsal bones where it splits into two(2) and where a Mortons Neuroma is usually found.

mortons neuroma


A swollen digital nerve(1), with large Mortons Neuroma(2) present at the point of splitting into two individual nerves(3).

What is a Mortons Neuroma?
A Neuroma is a swelling occurring in the substance of a nerve.

If this is a nerve problem should I expect problems with moving the toe?
No, at the level of the foot at which the Mortons Neuroma occurs only sensation is affected if the nerve malfunctions.


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