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Lisfranc Injury

Midfoot Fusion

I have consulted Mark Herron on 2 occasions over the last 8 years.  I have had problems with my feet and ankles for a number of years and it had been getting progressively worse where I could only walk yards without stopping and being in severe pain.  My issues were that I have become flat footed in both feet, had arthritis in my left foot and the ankle tendon had become weak and loose.  

The first operation, the tendon was tightened and my heel re-positioned.  This was fine, for a couple of years but then the arthritis and flat footedness became too painful and last May (2016) I again had another operation.  This time Mark removed the arthritic bones and put in a metal arch to give me a more normal gait.  Following the first operation I knew it wasn’t an easy recuperation and would require much dedication in keeping up with exercises and not doing too much too soon.  However, after the first week or so I was pain free.  I still have to continue with strengthening exercises to ensure I keep my gait correct.  I am able to do most things I want, including spin and other exercise classes and, probably a bit stupidly, recently walked 35 miles in 4 days on a trip to Copenhagen.   Although it took me some time to recuperate I was really pleased that I was able to do this.

I will need a similar operation on my other foot within the next 12 months and wouldn’t consult anyone else.

Mrs S Silk - Birmingham 2016-2017


Multiple Forefoot

I was suffering considerable discomfort in my right foot,with my second toe out of position and curling under itself and pain with all weight bearing activities. I also had pain under my foot on the flesh pad...which felt as if I was walking with a stone in my shoe. It had reached the stage where only trainers/golf shoes were comfortable enough to wear...
I had two consultations with Mark Herron and decided to have the  surgery as discussed. I had extensive X-rays and ultrasound scans to determine the problems exactly..this confirmed that I had plantar plate rupture,a neuroma and some synovitis.
Surgery was planned efficiently,and I was made fully aware of the process and the recovery process.
I had an overnight stay and left hospital the next day...fully booted for six weeks...and the recovery process started. I had a heavily bandaged foot and a pin protruding from the realigned second toe.
Mr Herron and his team(both medical and secretarial) were exceptionally thorough with all aspects of aftercare .. I confess that I was slightly squeamish at the thought of having the pin removed(after 5 weeks)however absolutely no pain at all occurred. I also had a weekly dressing change which was good as I got to see the fast improvement in the wound area.
The swelling gradually improved,I was back to driving and playing golf(golf shoes and trainers are great post op support) within 6 weeks, I wore ugg boots at most  other times as they were so comfortable. I also introduced gym sessions shortly after the seventh week(at a sensible level.) The pain/discomfort/restrictive footwear that I endured prior to the operation have really improved and I am delighted that I had the corrective work done. Planning the date was important to me,as I am sure it would be to everyone,as you need to be off the road for 6 weeks...but the end result is worth it.
The team at the Foot and Ankle clinic are always available for reassurance,so I cannot recommend them highly enough.
I now have very straight feet and can walk without pain.

A Fitzpatrick - Warwickshire 2016-2017


Multiple Forefoot
For a number of years I had suffered problems with my left foot in spite of wearing a number of different orthopaedic devices. The discomfort was approaching a level where walking, which I enjoy, was becoming very difficult and painful and I was becoming increasingly concerned about my mobility.
As a consequence my GP referred me to The Foot and Ankle Clinic in May 2008 and following a thorough examination and x-rays an operation involving forefoot reconstruction was carried out successfully in June 2008.
Following a short period of convalescence, including several follow-up appointments to check the healing process, I was able to resume normal walking without any discomfort, and continue to do so much to my relief and well being.

Mrs B Tyler
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands

Lisfranc Fusion
I just thought that I would update you on progress. It is now almost exactly 2 years since I had my traumatic car accident.
At the time I have serious doubts about whether I would be able to live a normal life again. However the initial decision on the approach to remedial treatment was borne out of expertise and experience and proved to be fully indicated by subsequent events.
The subsequent surgical reconstruction of the foot was awesome and was reflective of you, and the Clinics leading edge capability in such areas of traumatic injury.
I am now running again and doing everything that I did pre the accident. For this I am eternally grateful that I was recommended to yourself and the Clinic immediately post the accident.

J Bowater

Revision LisFranc and Midfoot Fusion
I was referred to the Foot and Ankle Clinic in 2006. An operation on the same foot, by a different surgeon, had been unsuccessful, and so it was with trepidation I decided to try again. After my first consutation I knew that this time it would be very different. The format for my treatment was explained in a clear and precise manner. I met The Clinical Specialist Orthotist, who fitted me with custom foot orthoses. I had a very enlightening appointment with him, where casts of my feet were taken for custom made orthotics, which were amazingly ready for collection within the week. Although the orthotics gave me some relief it was soon clear that I would need to progress to surgery.
The surgeon guided me through what the procedure would entail and a series of x-rays and scans followed. All the staff where polite and professional at all times. I was in hospital for a total of four days where I experienced the care and kindness expected from such a dedicated team of professionals. I had follow-up appointments at the Foot and Ankle Clinic for a further five months during which time I was confident that if I was worried about anything with regards my recovery I needed only to pick up the phone. The Foot and Ankle Clinic restored my faith in the medical profession.

E Harvey

Lisfranc Fusion
Multiple Forefoot Procedure
Ten years ago I retired from a wonderful career. At first I had plans to travel and visit places I longed to see. My husband and I got off to a good beginning, but soon my left foot became painful and deformed. I could walk for only short distances. I visited a podiatrist and used orthotics. These helped for a time, but my foot got progressively worse. The condition put limits on my active retirement. Sightseeing and even my shopping sprees were threatened!

I visited my GP, who arranged for x-rays at my local hospital. This was quickly followed up by my GP with an appointment at the Foot and Ankle Clinic. At my first appointment the surgeon diagnosed the problems - more than one! This was followed by ultrasound and CTscans, which confirmed the diagnosis. The first operation was on the toes and the forefoot. Several weeks later I had a Lisfranc fusion in the midfoot. Both operations have been successful. My foot is better than it has been for years!

I found everyone at the Clinic to be a pleasant, caring and efficient. My surgeon took time to listen and explain what was happening. His diagnosis, surgery and after care have been excellent. If I could turn the clock back I would have seen him years ago. I am delighted with the outcome. With a few bits of metal in my foot I am me again!

B Derricott
West Midlands