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I'd had bunions since the age of 11 when I was told by the school
nurse that they may or may not get any worse!! Of course, over the
years they did get worse and I got to the stage where I would hide my feet in any way I could and shopping for shoes was a nightmare! They were also becoming quite painful and would throb if I overdid the walking that I so enjoyed. I'd been told many times how painful it was to have them operated on and so had held off doing anything about it until last year. I spoke to one or two people who'd been through surgery and they had given me inspiration and hope.

I attended the Foot and Ankle Clinic Ltd in Autumn 2011. The surgeon instantly put me at ease and advised me to have both feet done at the same time. I chose the winter as I felt it would be easier to be incapacitated during the cold weather and I could virtually hibernate for 6 weeks!!!
So, at the ripe old age of 58 I took the plunge. Am I happy bet!! It was nowhere as bad as I'd thought it would be.....virtually painless, just slightly uncomfortable and inconvenient at times.
My recovery was amazing and the result is that I am now proud to show off my feet to anyone, anytime, any place. I can wear all those pretty little sandals I've always dreamed of doing and still can't believe these feet belong to me.
Thank you to the surgeon and the Clinic staff for changing my life....a cliche, I know, but so true.

Mrs. J Lucas

I would just like to say a big thankyou to everyone at the Foot and Ankle Clinic for this assistance with my foot in November 2010. I am walking pain free and also cosmetically delighted with my bunion correction result. Thank you.

M Harrison

Having suffered from unsightly bunions on both feet for decades, I finally sought the advice of The Foot and Ankle Clinic when I also developed severe pain in the ligaments in my right foot. This was diagnosed as a Mortons Neuroma. In addressing this complaint, I took the opportunity whilst undergoing surgery to have the bunions removed from both feet simultaneously. My first surprise was how little post operative pain I encountered. Now, one year later, I have no further pain from the Mortons Neuroma and wonder why I did not have my disfiguring bunions removed years ago.

A Forrest
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands

Over the past couple of years my bunion had been getting more painful and was causing my big toe to crossover my adjacent toe. Getting shoes to fit let alone be comfortable was becoming increasingly more difficult, especially sandals in the summer.
I contacted the Foot and Ankle Clinic and made an appointment to discuss a possible resolution to my problem. The surgeon took time to explain what the procedure would entail and also stressed that swelling could last for several months. I was even able to go onto the internet and look at a short video of the procedure. What I will also say is that there was never any pressure from the Surgeon only information. He then left it up to me to get back in touch with him if I wanted to go ahead with the operation.
I was able to choose the date that best suited me for the operation. After the procedure I had an overnight stay in hospital and was home the next day with all the medication required to make the next few days as comfortable as possible.
After 2 weeks I was followed up at the Priory where my wound was redressed and I was amazed at how normal it look from the last time I had seen it. I was very pleased with the results and all the care and aftercare I received at the Clinic.

D Whyte

I had been suffering with a bunion for some time which had gradually become more painful and which was making it difficult to wear any shoes apart from wide trainers. This was obviously not very attractive or appropriate for work!

I visited the Foot and Ankle Clinic with a certain amount of trepidation having heard scare stories about bunion operations. The consultation was very reassuring and informative and I was struck by nothing but professionalism.

After a slick and painfree bunion operation, I had a comfortable overnight stay at the Priory and returned home bunion free. After a few weeks healing I was as good as new and now, a year later, I feel it was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. I now have a perfect foot and am able to wear any shoe I like!

Mrs Ellis

I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was thirty two and over the last thirty four years have had twenty nine operations on various joints - feet, hips, knees, hands, ankles, elbows, shoulders etc. The most recent of these operations which took place in April 2009 was on my right foot. Prior to the operation I was finding it very painful to put any pressure on my foot due to a small bone protruding just below my ankle bone, and my big toe which had had dropped at the joint. Other toes on this foot were out of line. The operation was very successful, I have no pain in my foot any more and I am wearing proper shoes again which is wonderful. The efficiency of the outpatient’s clinic was superb and the treatment by the surgeon was excellent with follow up letters within twenty four hours after each consultation outlining discussions and treatments.

Mrs J Hofton

I am a retired teacher and have had bunions on both feet for a number of years. Within the last two years, prior to the operation, they became increasingly painful and started deforming the toes. The toes started to overlap each other due to the pushing pressure of the big toe and bunion. In addition I had great difficulty wearing shoes of any kind. It became a nightmare to buy new shoes due to the deformity.
On consulting the Foot and Ankle Clinic I was delighted with the surgeons diagnosis and recommendation to remove both bunions at the same time. This was precisely what I wanted to hear, as I did not relish having one operation, only to return several months later for a second operation.
Whilst in the Priory I only needed an overnight stay in and was able to get up and walk the following morning without pain with the aid of crutches. Within one week I did not need the crutches and was able to walk properly again painfree. I had to wear special sandals whilst recuperating. These were provided by the hospital and were very helpful and comfortable.
I felt the operation had been a total success and the aftercare was extremely reassuring and considerate. Needless to say I am now back to my fully active life which comprises of dance, keep fit, and yoga classes. Furthermore I am tickled pink with my glamorous new feet and shoes.

B Lupasco

I would be delighted to write a few lines on the experience I had at the Foot and Ankle Clinic in relation to my recent surgery. You will be pleased to know that I am now back in my high heels and am adding to my collection of shoes at a rate that even Imelda Marcos would be proud of.

After much deliberation and trepidation I arrived at the Foot and Ankle Clinic to undergo surgery on my painful bunion that was at a stage where it was making everyday life very uncomfortable and painful. Prior to this I had attended the Clinic for a lengthy and extremely informative consultation I felt confident that the treatment offered was for me. The surgeon informed me of exactly what the operation entailed the down time and most importantly for me of pain to be expected. The whole hospital experience from being registered to leaving was excellent. My stay was one night only and pain experienced was surprisingly minimal expelling the myth that this is a very painful operation. I was mobile within hours with the aid of a specially designed shoe and needed painkillers for the first couple of days only. After this time I did not need painkillers at all. I visited for a post-operative consultation after two weeks to have the bandages removed and the wounds checked and redressed. Immediately I was very impressed with the results. After a further three weeks the bandages were removed completely and I walked out of the Clinic in normal everyday shoes, albeit of a flatter slightly wider fitting nature than previously. After three months there was only minor swelling and after 6 months the foot was completely healed.
Driving was possible after 5 to 6 weeks. The whole experience was such that I regretted only having the one bunion operated on and so I immediately booked another consultation and had the other foot done a year later. I no longer suffer from painful aching feet at the end of the day and the results are nothing short of amazing. I only wish I had visited the Clinic years ago.

Mrs S France

I am delighted to write about my experiences at The Foot and Ankle Clinic.
All The Health Care Professionals at The Foot and Ankle Clinic attended to me with Care and respect at all times.
I felt fully informed about surgery and the aftercare before I decided to go ahead with my operation. I found the website with visual examples of surgical procedures, and postoperative information, enabled me to make informed choices after my consultation
A letter confirmed test results following a consultation, and what was to happen next. This was very reassuring as often patients forget some of the details on returning home.
Appointments were easy to arrange and convenient, both in Edgbaston and Sutton Coldfield.
My experience was that I had no postoperative pain as it was controlled during the operation. This gave me an east transition form hospital to home and recovery.
The postoperative shoe is wonderful! It gave me full mobility within days of the operation, which I am sure, helped me recover more quickly.
Exercises to regain full mobility were simple to follow and easy to do-they really worked.

Mrs V Swinnerton

I chose to visit the Foot and Ankle Clinic as a self-funding patient after extensive research into foot services available to me both on the NHS and privately. I wanted to choose my surgeon and in particular feel confident that they were experienced, recommended by their fellow professionals, medically qualified and had the full range of operative treatments available to them.
My outpatient appointment was punctual and I did not feel hurried. I was examined and felt that I had time to ask any questions that I needed to. I was given unambiguous advice and full explanations as to why a particular operation was right for me. Risks and possible complications were discussed with me. This information was confirmed in writing, which I found helpful.
I emailed the secretary with a question preoperatively and had a prompt reply. My admission was uncomplicated and I saw both my surgeon and anaesthetist pre-operatively. My post-op stay in hospital was comfortable with excellent care from the nursing and physiotherapy staff.
Following discharge I was in discomfort requiring painkillers for about five days. I got up and about quickly and had no post-operative problems.
My two follow up appointments were both punctual and unhurried, I felt able to ask any further questions. I was particularly happy that I was followed up by the surgeon himself at two weeks and redressed them placing my toes in the correct position.
I am now three and a half months post-op and very happy with my rehabilitation so far. My toes are all aligned in the correct plane and movement is returning unlike other people I have seen at this stage. I feel that the attention to detail at operation and post-op has ensured this.

I am happy to recommend The Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Dr. E Stokes

Revision Seasamoidectomy
I was referred to the Foot and Ankle Clinic after a previous operation had failed to correct my foot problem. The surgeon did all he could to avoid more surgery, but when it became inevitable that more surgery was required, I was dealt with in a very caring and professional way both before and after the surgery. I am so grateful because now I am back in my high heeled shoes and I can walk my dog for miles without even a hint of pain! Thank you.

M Frith
West Midlands

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