The Foot and Ankle Clinic

Big Toe Fusion Testimonials

First MTP Fusion
My symptoms were pain and swelling which made cross-country walking and tennis too painful to attempt. After I had my ankle fused at the first metatarsal joint and the many weeks of swelling around the operation site progressively reduced, I am totally free of pain and can once again enjoy walking and sports. The only long term penalty was the need to discard a few pairs of shoes and any post-operative discomfort was soon overcome.

R Dover

I thank you for performing my surgery, I have been delighted with the results and am now back to playing 18 holes of golf with no difficulty whatsoever.

H Campbell
West Midlands

Revision First MTP Fusion
I would like to thank you for all the help and kind consideration that was shown to me last year when I was in need of an operation to repair my big toe joint. I visited the Foot and Ankle Clinic after previous surgery at another hospital, which did not prove to be successful. I can only say that the operation, which was performed went extremely well and I am now fully recovered.
My stay at the Priory was only short lived, 2 nights, where I was treated extremely well by both the surgeon and the nursing staff. The advice I was given on how to look after my operation and my follow up visits have proven to be absolutely wonderful. Had it not been for the surgeon and the Priory Hospital I do not know what I would have done. I am now back at work following my accident at my former job. I can only say thanks for all the help and cooperation when I needed it most.

S Willetts
West Midlands

Rheumatoid Forefoot Reconstruction
From the initial consultation I was treated with courtesy and informed of every single aspect of the treatment to my foot.
The operation was a complete success the staff very pleasant and as a result I am having my other foot done.
The surgeon was very knowledgeable and skillful at his job.
A Ashwin