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Bunion or Hallux valgus

Hallux valgus (bunion) | How does a bunion or hallux valgus occur? (explain my condition to me?) | Where, why and when might I expect to get bunion or hallux valgus pain? | Why do bunions occur? | Do bunions or hallux valgus get worse? | What treatments are available for bunions or hallux valgus? | If I have a bunion or hallux valgus is the best treatment surgery? | Bunion surgery - when and what? | Bunion surgery | Bunion surgery at the clinic | Additional procedures may be necessary | Can the big toe joint(mtp) always be left mobile? | If I leave my bunion for now and it gets much worse will you still be able to do something? | My bunion is not so painful now but I don't want to end with feet like my grandma's | Minimising symptoms after bunion or hallux valgus surgery | Bunion operations - the scarf osteotomy | The scarf osteotomy-animation | Operative stills- the scarf osteotomy | Operative stills-the Arthrex Basal plate | Pre and post operative images of bunion surgery | After the bunion or hallux valgus operation | Complications of bunion or hallux valgus surgery


After the bunion operation

Pain relief
After the anaesthetic has worn off your foot should be largely free of pain, due to the use of nerve blocks . You will be given a course of pain killers and anti inflammatory tablets. These will be working for you when the nerve blocks wear off by 12 hours or so .

The foot
This will be in a post operative bandage.

The foot will be in a corrective post operative bandage for two weeks immediately after the operation.

corrective post operative bandage

This should be left intact and the foot kept dry.  A check x-ray will have been performed at the end of the operation.

You may walk on the foot on the day of operation using crutches and a post operative shoe. A Physiotherapist will instruct you how. Later you may discard the crutches when comfortable without them.

Pain relief
If you are comfortable you may go home the same day. You will have received anaesthetic injections into the foot whilst asleep (Intermetatarsal block). You will be supplied with a course of three regular painkillers to use in combination. You will require in addition a six week course of a mini Aspirin tablet (or similar) as prophylaxis against DVT

Length of stay.
Depending on your level of comfort you may return home later the same day or require an overnight stay if your pain relief needs to be supplemented.

2)Two week follow up appointment.
At two weeks the wounds are checked and bandages are changed.
You should continue with the shoe until six weeks post-operatively.

3)Six week follow up appointment
You will require a check x-ray to ensure that bone has shown evidence of adequate healing. You may come out of your post operative shoe so bring a loose fitting shoe to wear home. You may cease your Aspirin.

How much weight can I put through the foot?
You may put as much weight through the foot as feels comfortable in your post-operative shoe.

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