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The unstable ankle

What is it?   |  What are the causes?   |  Why is it important to know which of these it is?   |   Can the ankle be unstable without an injury?   |  When to reconstruct the ligaments?   |  The operation - operative footage   |  Lateral ligament reconstruction (operative stills)   |  What happens after the operation?   |  How likely is this to work?  


What happens after the operation?

1)The day of the operation

Pain relief
Your leg will receive a regional ankle block as well as an intra-articular injection. You may in addition require a PCA device.

You will be in a below knee "back-slab" plaster cast immediately after the operation. This will be changed to a light weight below knee cast the next day.

You will be instructed by a physiotherapist on the use crutches. These will be necessary for three to six weeks after the operation.

Length of stay
An overnight stay is all that is usually required.

DVT prophylaxis
We advise the use of Aspirin 150mgs (once a day) for six weeks (whilst in plaster cast).

2)At two weeks

You will be reviewed in the outpatients and your wound healing checked. Your plaster cast will be re-applied.

3)At six weeks

You will be reviewed in the outpatients and have the cast removed. You will require an Aircast brace. This will be worn during all weight bearing for the next six weeks. Physiotherapy will commence. This will work upon strengthening the peroneal muscles and ankle movements. Strenuous and resisted inversion of the ankle will be avoided during this period from the sixth to twelfth week.

aircast brace

4) At twelve weeks

The Aircast brace may be removed and you can return to sporting activity as able.

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