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Mortons neuroma

What is a Mortons neuroma? | Why does a Mortons neuroma occur? | What symptoms might I have? | What treatments are available? | How likely is surgery to be curative? | Surgical excision of a Mortons neuroma (operative stills) | Revision case (operative stills) | After the operation


After the Mortons Neuroma operation

The first 24 hours

Pain relief
This is by means of a regional intermetatarsal nerve blockade supplemented by pain relieving tablets.

A heavy bandage(as above) is to be worn for two weeks.

Length of stay
Day case.

At two weeks
An outpatient visit is scheduled to ensure wounds have healed, bandages are removed and histology confirmed of the removed nerve.
The patient will now be able to return to a normal shoewear and activities.

Loss of all pain-65%
Loss of all pain or much improved-85%

Patients are to expect numbness, from complete to incomplete, affecting the neighbouring toes supplied by the swollen digital nerve, which has been removed. There should be no long term effect upon movement of the toes after removing the nerve.

Wound infection/delayed healing-2-4%
Little improvement-15%
Worsening of pain-1%
Recurrence of neuroma-1%
Scar sensitivity-10%

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