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Bunion or Hallux valgus

Hallux valgus (bunion) | How does a bunion or hallux valgus occur? (explain my condition to me?) | Where, why and when might I expect to get bunion or hallux valgus pain? | Why do bunions occur? | Do bunions or hallux valgus get worse? | What treatments are available for bunions or hallux valgus? | If I have a bunion or hallux valgus is the best treatment surgery? | Bunion surgery - when and what? | Bunion surgery | Bunion surgery at the clinic | Additional procedures may be necessary | Can the big toe joint(mtp) always be left mobile? | If I leave my bunion for now and it gets much worse will you still be able to do something? | My bunion is not so painful now but I don't want to end with feet like my grandma's | Minimising symptoms after bunion or hallux valgus surgery | Bunion operations - the scarf osteotomy | The scarf osteotomy-animation | Operative stills- the scarf osteotomy | Operative stills-the Arthrex Basal plate | Pre and post operative images of bunion surgery | After the bunion or hallux valgus operation | Complications of bunion or hallux valgus surgery


Complications of bunion surgery
Whether you have been told about them or not they exist and the rates quoted are generally accepted ones for the surgeries described. As you can see from the rates quoted, they are all unlikely to occur:

*Denotes that this is probably more common if you smoke.

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