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Ankle Arthroscopy Testimonials

Ankle Arthroscopy

I first consulted Mark Herron in 2006 after experiencing severe pain and limited mobility with my right ankle. Mark went through all the options for me and decided an ankle arthroscopy would give me the best long term solution. At best it would hopefully improve symptoms for about 4 years. I am pleased to say Marks expertise far exceeded this and my symptoms did not become problematic for 10 years. I am now back in Marks care and I have every confidence he will once again restore me back to good mobility. Thankyou to everyone on his team.

H Driver - Birmingham 2016

Having suffered for 18 months with a sport related injury, I was referred to the Foot and Ankle Clinic in Birmingham by my GP.
My initial appointment through to surgery was extremely quick. The staff were exceptionally knowledgeable and made me feel very confident about the whole procedure.
The facilities at the Foot and Ankle Clinic were first class and the team of staff were professional and welcoming. The result of my treatment has been fantastic, going from a very painful and swollen ankle with limited mobility to pain free with almost 100% mobility. I cannot believe I didn't visit the Foot and Ankle Clinic earlier.

The surgery has made a massive difference to my quality of life.

Mr P Geddes
West Midlands

Ankle Arthroscopy
I was referred to the Foot and Ankle clinic by my physiotherapist in late 2008 after suffering ligament damage to my ankle playing football. After a prompt MRI scan I was scheduled for an ankle arthroscopy during which further cartilage damage were discovered. This problem was dealt with by way of microfracture surgery and after a 6 week non-weight bearing period I am back to full fitness. I would recommend the Foot and Ankle Clinic on the basis of the speed with which the whole process was dealt with together with the extensive specialist foot and ankle expertise.

Mr J Catling

Ankle Arthroscopy for Osteochondral Defect OCD
In July 2006 I fell off my horse and broke the talus bone in my foot. After 16 months I was still suffering with discomfort in the foot, I had very poor walking gait and my muscles were very tight and tired easily. I decided to get a second opinion and was recommended to the Foot and Ankle Clinic.
I was seen very promptly an xray and MRI scan were all done on the same day. The scan revealed I had a piece of loose bone at the top of the talus and a build up of scar tissue. This meant a small operation using keyhole surgery needed to be performed, a date was fixed at my convenience.
The operation was performed and all went well. Only a few hours after the operation I could already feel the difference. The foot was immediately more mobile. I then had 6 weeks of non-weight bearing, after that I was able to start rehabilitation. After 6 months my foot is back to normal. It was such a relief to regain full use of my foot, I am very grateful for all the care I have received at the Clinic.

E J Edge

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Ankle Arthroscopy
I received 1st class surgery and treatment to my left ankle at the Foot and Ankle Clinic. With much improved range in my ankle I experienced less pain and a tidy scar.
I would recommend the Foot and Ankle Clinic to anyone and definitely would return.

T Edwards
Sutton Coldfield

Subtalar Arthroscopy
I was first referred to the Foot and Ankle Clinic by my physiotherapist after non-operative intervention. The reputation of the Clinic was a priority to me and I heard from more than one source that it is one of the best in the field.  My surgery was a complete success and I would recommend to anyone requring similar treatment.

Mr A Liddiard

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