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Achilles Tendonitis - post-operative course

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Post Operative Course Following Achilles Tendonitis Surgical Treatment

The First 24 Hours

Returning to normal activity following Achilles Tendon Surgery

It is unusual to be able to completely come out of the aircast boot by the end of 5 weeks’ post operatively.  At this stage it is normally a question of gradually returning to increased day to day function sometimes using an aircast boot and sometimes using an alternative such as a stiff soled hiking boot.  It would not be unusual to be able to return to a static bike and some pool based rehabilitation by 6 weeks’ following the operation and some cross training probably by 8 weeks’ post operation.  It is certainly possible that lighter running can be done, especially on a treadmill by 10 weeks’ post-surgery.  A return to more unrestricted sporting function will probably be at least a month beyond this.

Rehabilitation after Tendon Transfer Surgery

After more extensive Flexor Hallucis transfer Achilles tendon surgery it is likely you will be in a lightweight below knee plaster cast for 5 weeks.  Following this you will require the use of an aircast boot and it is likely you will be in this until 8 or 9 weeks post-surgery.  For the first 5 weeks in plaster cast you will be not weight bearing, beyond this you will then be increasing your weight and may come out of the Aircast boot non weight bearing.

A return to unrestricted function is likely to be a month or 2 behind that with lesser degrees of surgery.

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